A compleate treatise of the muscles... London, 1681. John Browne (1642-ca. 1702) Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine


Proxy Server

The Spokane County Medical Society maintains a proxy server that may be used by its members to remotely-access databases, electronic books and journals, and other electronic full-text information resources available through the generous support of our participating hospital libraries. You must request access by completing the brief online form on the MEDICOR Name/Password Account page .
Put most simply, the proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and the licensed electronic resources of our participating libraries, by virtually providing your machine with an authorized IP address. Our vendors generally serve their content freely to any computer physically located within any of the hospitals, e.g., any computer connecting to the internet with an authorized IP address. They typically refuse connections from machines outside authorized domains, which would usually be the case with a remote computer.

So if your computer is connecting to the internet from outside an authorized domain, the Library's licensed resources will refuse your requests for data. Either they will reject your connection outright, or they may present you a logon screen where one would enter a subscriber's username and password.

However, with the Medical Society's proxy service, your browser sends requests for the Library's licensed electronic resources to the proxy server, and the proxy server requests those resources for you. Since the proxy server is a computer with an IP address registered with the vendor who serves the data, the proxy server is able to forward full-text information to your browser. (see the Wikipedia definition).




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